1 Cord Rack with Cover – excludes wood


Firewood Rack and Cover

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Product Description

Measures 192″ (16 Ft.) by 48″ by 14″

The largest production unit available! This huge unit features the same quality construction as all Rack’s. It has a black, powder coated finish, Arc welded end sections, our Lifetime structural warranty, black plated stainless steel bolts, and includes the standard short cover! It does require 16 Feet of level stable space.

INCLUDED COVER:Our own unique design covers firewood the way it needs to be covered! They keep the top completely dry and ready to burn, and allow for air to flow through the firewood to reduce mold and mildew and promote curing! All of our covers fit around the 4 uprights of the rack and move down as the wood stack gets smaller. The cover is made out of heavy duty quality material, and has velcro front sides for quick access to your firewood. Fits wood up to 24″ long.

Shipping weight is 83 Lbs. via FedEx.



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